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Make Your Own Stovetop Potpourri

Coming home and being welcomed by a pleasant scent is a wonderful feeling and we often rely on deodorizers and air fresheners to help with that but if you prefer to have more control over this matter then you might really enjoy making your own potpourri. Below you can use the recipe for fresh or if you have a dehydrator you can dehydrate fresh ingredients and save or give as winter gifts. Bellow you will find my favorite Fall Recipe. Pssst my house smells lovely right now.

  • 1/2 Orange with peel

  • 1/2 Apple or Pear with peel

  • 1/4 Grapefruit with peel

  • 1- Whole clove or Teaspoon of Dried

  • 1- Rosemary Spring Or Sprinkle Dried

  • 1- Cinnamon stick

Place ingredients water in a pot on the stove and let the simmer


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