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Ordained Minister & Honorary Wiccan Degree

Ordained Minister & Honorary Wiccan Degree

$150 for McHenry county
additional fee for other counties, very reasonable!

I can do wiccaning, house blessings, marriage renewals,baby naming, dedications, affirmations, weddings, baptisms, funerals and memorials.

The direction I like to take is this following process for a wedding; 

1.Meet with the couple beforehand to get an idea of what they expect or wish to see at their ceremony. Be sure to discuss the length, tone and order of your speech. Whether they prefer a short ceremony, a secular officiant script or want to add their own creative spin, you’ll be prepared to provide that for them.

2.Start writing your speech as early as possible or I have a humourous, cute , romantic, non religious and short vows pre-written and ask the couple for feedback. It’s always best to have a third party review your speech for any errors.

3.Ask the couple for any rules they wish to implement during the ceremony. They may want to ask guests to silence their phones or refrain from taking too many photos.

4.Establish the order of the ceremony with the couple. Some couples opt to sign legal documents at the ceremony in front of their friends and family, while others prefer to sign them in private, either before or after the ceremony. Make sure you know how they wish to proceed with this component of their wedding.* I do have 6 wedding certificates to choose from for $30

5.Confirm that the marriage license is valid. States have different laws regarding the window of time a license is valid and can be signed.

6.Be prepared for how and when to submit legal documents. Once the license has been verified, complete all relevant fields. On their wedding day, make sure all required parties have signed including yourself, the couple and witnesses.

7.Be aware of any filing deadlines in your state and return the license to its issuance office appropriately. In many states, the couple can return the marriage license themselves.

8.Go over rehearsal times, attire you would like me to wear ( or I wear a standard black dress and heels) and wedding day.

*Willing to work with a wedding planner if desired

**Certificates with signature and seal for all services are available for an extra fee!
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