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Are you looking to purchase Organic fresh eggs, fruits, vegetables, home essentials, personal essential or customized just for you? Look no further. Luebke Acres, a local homestead Farm nestled in Woodstock IL, we are known for its wide variety of seasonal offerings. Our farm store is filled with fresh choices all year long. Each week we carefully handpick each fruit and vegetable in order to make sure you only purchase the freshest and best quality produce. We also can create personalized items for you (shirts, wine glasses, tumblers, bumper stickers, cards, cutting boards etc). Thank you for supporting your local farmers. Feel free to check out our current harvest and see what products are now for sale.

All of our products are hand-packaged and made with love. Come on by today to have a taste!

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Pick up your Homemade Jams from Luebke Acres. We have been told by many of our customers that they simply love our Homemade Jams, and we can’t say we blame them. That’s because everything we grow at Luebke Acres is grown with love, so our food looks better, smells better, and tastes better. Try it out yourself.

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